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FantasySCOTUS Case Tracker

Cases Argued: 74
Cases Decided: 73
Cases Remaining: 1
Cases correctly predicted: 42.5%
Cases incorrectly predicted: 57.5%

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CaseFantasySCOTUS PredictionOutcomeDate DecidedAccuracy
CaseFantasySCOTUS PredictionOutcomeDate DecidedAccuracy
Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. SebeliusAffirm  Reverse06-30-2014Incorrect
Harris v. QuinnAffirm  Reverse06-30-2014Incorrect
McCullen v. CoakleyAffirm  Reverse06-30-2014Incorrect
American Broadcasting Companies v. AereoAffirm  Reverse06-25-2014Incorrect
Fifth Third Bancorp v. DudenhoefferReverse  Reverse06-25-2014Correct
Riley v. CaliforniaReverse  Reverse06-25-2014Correct
U.S. v. WurieAffirm  Reverse06-25-2014Incorrect
Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John FundAffirm  Reverse06-23-2014Incorrect
Lane v. FranksReverse  Reverse06-19-2014Correct
U.S. v. Clarke Affirm  Reverse06-19-2014Incorrect
POM Wonderful LLC v. The Coca Cola CompanyReverse  Reverse06-12-2014Correct
CTS Corp. v. WaldburgerReverse  Reverse06-08-2014Correct
Mayorkas v. Cuellar de OsorioAffirm  Reverse06-08-2014Incorrect
Bond v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse06-02-2014Incorrect
Limelight Networks v. Akamai TechnologiesAffirm  Reverse06-01-2014Incorrect
Nautilus v. Biosig InstrumentsReverse  Reverse06-01-2014Correct
Hall v. FloridaAffirm  Reverse05-27-2014Incorrect
Plumhoff v. RickardAffirm  Reverse05-27-2014Incorrect
Wood v. MossReverse  Reverse05-27-2014Correct
Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.Affirm  Reverse05-18-2014Incorrect
Town of Greece v. GallowayAffirm  Reverse05-05-2014Incorrect
Octane Fitness v. Icon Health and FitnessAffirm  Reverse04-29-2014Incorrect
American Lung Association v. EME Homer City GenerationReverse  Reverse04-29-2014Correct
Environmental Protection Agency v. EME Homer City GenerationAffirm  Reverse04-29-2014Incorrect
Highmark Inc. v. Allcare Management Systems, Inc.Affirm  Reverse04-29-2014Incorrect
Paroline v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse04-23-2014Incorrect
White v. WoodallAffirm  Reverse04-23-2014Incorrect
Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative ActionAffirm  Reverse04-22-2014Incorrect
McCutcheon v. Federal Election CommissionAffirm  Reverse04-02-2014Incorrect
Northwest v. GinsbergAffirm  Reverse04-02-2014Incorrect
United States v. CastlemanAffirm  Reverse03-25-2014Incorrect
United States v. Quality Stores, Inc.Affirm  Reverse03-25-2014Incorrect
Brant Revocable Trust v. United StatesAffirm  Reverse03-09-2014Incorrect
Marvin M. Brandt Revocable Trust v. U.S. Affirm  Reverse03-09-2014Incorrect
BG Group PLC v. Republic of ArgentinaAffirm  Reverse03-04-2014Incorrect
Rosemond v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse03-04-2014Incorrect
Law v. SiegelAffirm  Reverse03-03-2014Incorrect
Lawson v. FMR LLCAffirm  Reverse03-03-2014Incorrect
U.S. v. ApelAffirm  Reverse02-26-2014Incorrect
Walden v. FioreReverse  Reverse02-24-2014Correct
Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp. v. HoeperAffirm  Reverse01-26-2014Incorrect
Burrage v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse01-26-2014Incorrect
Medtronic, Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp.Affirm  Reverse01-21-2014Incorrect
Ray Haluch Gravel Co. v. Central Pension FundAffirm  Reverse01-14-2014Incorrect
DaimlerChrysler AG v. BaumanAffirm  Reverse01-13-2014Incorrect
Mississippi ex rel. Hood v. AU Optronics Corp.Affirm  Reverse01-13-2014Incorrect
Kansas v. CheeverAffirm  Reverse12-10-2013Incorrect
Sprint Communications Company v. JacobsAffirm  Reverse12-09-2013Incorrect
Atlantic Marine Construction Co. v. U.S. District CourtAffirm  Reverse12-02-2013Incorrect
U.S. v. WoodsAffirm  Reverse12-02-2013Incorrect
Burt v. TitlowAffirm  Reverse11-04-2013Incorrect
Susan B. Anthony List v. DriehausReverse  Reverse-Correct
Test CaseReverse  n/a--
National Labor Relations Board v. Noel CanningAffirm  Affirm06-30-2014Correct
Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Affirm  Affirm06-30-2014Correct
American Chemistry Council v. Environmental Protection AgencyAffirm  Affirm06-23-2014Correct
Loughrin v. U.S. Affirm  Affirm06-23-2014Correct
Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int'lAffirm  Affirm06-19-2014Correct
Abramski v. U.S. Affirm  Affirm06-16-2014Correct
Republic of Argentina v. NML CapitalReverse  Affirm06-16-2014Incorrect
Clark v. RamekerAffirm  Affirm06-11-2014Correct
Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. ArkisonAffirm  Affirm06-08-2014Correct
Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian CommunityAffirm  Affirm05-27-2014Correct
Robers v. United StatesAffirm  Affirm05-05-2014Correct
Navarette v. CaliforniaAffirm  Affirm04-22-2014Correct
Lexmark Int'l v. Static Control ComponentsAffirm  Affirm03-25-2014Correct
Lozano v. AlvarezAffirm  Affirm03-04-2014Correct
Chadbourne & Parke LLP v. TroiceAffirm  Affirm02-26-2014Correct
Proskauer Rose LLP v. TroiceAffirm  Affirm02-26-2014Correct
Willis of Colorado Inc. v. TroiceAffirm  Affirm02-26-2014Correct
Fernandez v. CaliforniaAffirm  Affirm02-24-2014Correct
Kaley v. U.S.Affirm  Affirm02-24-2014Correct
Sandifer v. U.S. Steel CorporationAffirm  Affirm01-26-2014Correct
Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co.Affirm  Affirm12-15-2013Correct
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