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FantasySCOTUS Case Tracker

Cases Argued: 82
Cases Decided: 78
Cases Remaining: 4
Cases correctly predicted: 62.8%
Cases incorrectly predicted: 37.2%

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CaseFantasySCOTUS PredictionOutcomeDate DecidedAccuracy
CaseFantasySCOTUS PredictionOutcomeDate DecidedAccuracy
United States v. Windsor - Does Counsel for House of Representatives have Standing?Affirm  Affirm06-26-2013Correct
United States v. Windsor - Does DOMA violation the Equal Protection Component of the 5th Amendment or Federalism Principles?Affirm  Affirm06-26-2013Correct
United States v. Windsor - Does SG's agreement with 2nd Circuit deprive SCOTUS of jurisdiction?Affirm  Affirm06-26-2013Correct
Vance v. Ball State UniversityAffirm  Affirm06-23-2013Correct
Agency for Int'l Deveopment v. Alliance for Open Society Int'lAffirm  Affirm06-19-2013Correct
Arizona v. The Inter Trial Council of ArizonaReverse  Affirm06-16-2013Incorrect
Salinas v. TexasReverse  Affirm06-16-2013Incorrect
Tarrant Regional Water District v. HerrmannAffirm  Affirm06-13-2013Correct
Oxford Health Plans LLC v. SutterAffirm  Affirm06-10-2013Correct
Hillman v. MarettaAffirm  Affirm06-01-2013Correct
City of Arlington v. FCCAffirm  Affirm05-20-2013Correct
Sebelius v. CloerReverse  Affirm05-20-2013Incorrect
Bowman v. Monsanto Co.Affirm  Affirm05-12-2013Correct
Dan's City Used Cars v. PelkeyAffirm  Affirm05-12-2013Correct
McBurney v. YoungAffirm  Affirm04-28-2013Correct
Kiobel v. Royal Dutch PetroleumAffirm  Affirm04-16-2013Correct
Missouri v. McNeelyAffirm  Affirm04-16-2013Correct
Florida v. JardinesAffirm  Affirm03-26-2013Correct
Delia (Wos) v. E.M.A.Affirm  Affirm03-19-2013Correct
Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust FundsReverse  Affirm02-26-2013Incorrect
Marx v. General Revenue Corp.Affirm  Affirm02-26-2013Correct
Chaidez v. U.S.Affirm  Affirm02-19-2013Correct
Already, LLC v. Nike, Inc.Affirm  Affirm01-08-2013Correct
Smith v. U.S.Affirm  Affirm01-08-2013Correct
Cable Telecom., and Tech. v. FCCAffirm  n/a--
Chadbourne & Parke LLP v. TroiceAffirm  n/a--
Proskauer Rose LLP v. TroiceReverse  n/a--
Willis of Colorado Inc. v. TroiceReverse  n/a--
Hollingsworth v. Perry - Do Petitioners Have Standing?Affirm  Reverse06-26-2013Incorrect
Hollingsworth v. Perry - Does Prop 8 Violate the Equal Protection Clause?Affirm  Reverse06-26-2013Incorrect
Sekhar v. U.S.Reverse  Reverse06-26-2013Correct
Adoptive Couple v. Baby GirlAffirm  Reverse06-24-2013Incorrect
Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management DistrictAffirm  Reverse06-24-2013Incorrect
Shelby County v. HolderReverse  Reverse06-24-2013Correct
Fisher v. University of Texas at AustinReverse  Reverse06-23-2013Correct
Mutual Pharmaceutical Co. v. BartlettReverse  Reverse06-23-2013Correct
U.S. v. KebodeauxReverse  Reverse06-23-2013Correct
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. NassarReverse  Reverse06-23-2013Correct
American Express Co. v. Italian Colors RestaurantAffirm  Reverse06-19-2013Incorrect
Descamps v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse06-19-2013Incorrect
Alleyne v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse06-16-2013Incorrect
Federal Trade Commission v. ActavisAffirm  Reverse06-16-2013Incorrect
Maracich v. SpearsReverse  Reverse06-16-2013Correct
American Trucking Associations v. City of Los AngelesAffirm  Reverse06-14-2013Incorrect
Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad GeneticsReverse  Reverse06-13-2013Correct
U.S. DavilaAffirm  Reverse06-13-2013Incorrect
Horne v. Dep't of AgricultureReverse  Reverse06-10-2013Correct
Peugh v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse06-10-2013Incorrect
Maryland v. KingAffirm  Reverse06-01-2013Incorrect
McQuiggin v. PerkinsAffirm  Reverse05-28-2013Incorrect
Trevino v. ThalerReverse  Reverse05-28-2013Correct
Metrish v. LancasterReverse  Reverse05-20-2013Correct
PPL Corp. and Subsidiaries v. Commissioner of Internal RevenueAffirm  Reverse05-20-2013Incorrect
Bullock v. BankChampaign, N.A.Affirm  Reverse05-12-2013Incorrect
Moncrieffe v. HolderReverse  Reverse04-23-2013Correct
Genesis HealthCare Corp. v. SymczykAffirm  Reverse04-15-2013Incorrect
U.S. Airways v. McCutchenReverse  Reverse04-15-2013Correct
Comcast v. BehrendReverse  Reverse03-26-2013Correct
Millbrook v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse03-26-2013Incorrect
Georgia-Pacific West v. Northwest Environmental Defense CenterReverse  Reverse03-20-2013Correct
Decker v. Northwest Environmental Defense CenterReverse  Reverse03-19-2013Correct
Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & SonsReverse  Reverse03-18-2013Correct
The Standard Fire Insurance Co. v. KnowlesAffirm  Reverse03-18-2013Incorrect
Levin v. U.S.Reverse  Reverse03-04-2013Correct
Clapper v. Amnesty InternationalAffirm  Reverse02-26-2013Incorrect
Gabelli v. Securities and Exchange CommissionReverse  Reverse02-26-2013Correct
Evans v. MichiganAffirm  Reverse02-19-2013Incorrect
Gunn v. MintonReverse  Reverse02-19-2013Correct
Henderson v. U.S.Reverse  Reverse02-19-2013Correct
Johnson v. WilliamsReverse  Reverse02-19-2013Correct
Bailey v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse02-18-2013Incorrect
Chafin v. ChafinAffirm  Reverse02-18-2013Incorrect
Florida v. HarrisReverse  Reverse02-18-2013Correct
FTC v. Phoebe Putney Health SystemReverse  Reverse02-18-2013Correct
Sebelius v. Auburn Regional Medical CenterAffirm  Reverse01-22-2013Incorrect
Lozman v. City of Riviera BeachAffirm  Reverse01-14-2013Incorrect
LA County Flood Control District v. Natural Resources DefenseReverse  Reverse01-08-2013Correct
Ryan v. GonzalesReverse  Reverse01-07-2013Correct
Tibbals v. CarterReverse  Reverse01-07-2013Correct
Kloeckner v. SolisAffirm  Reverse12-09-2012Incorrect
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission v. U.S.Affirm  Reverse12-03-2012Incorrect
U.S. v. BormesReverse  Reverse11-12-2012Correct
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