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FantasySCOTUS Case Tracker

Cases Argued: 76
Cases Decided: 76
Cases Remaining: 0
Cases correctly predicted: 57.9%
Cases incorrectly predicted: 42.1%

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CaseFantasySCOTUS PredictionOutcomeDate DecidedAccuracy
CaseFantasySCOTUS PredictionOutcomeDate DecidedAccuracy
Dept. of HHS v. Florida (Is Mandate Unconstitutional?)Affirm  Affirm06-28-2012Correct
Dept. of HHS v. Florida (Is suit permitted by the Anti-Injunction Act?)Affirm  Affirm06-28-2012Correct
Florida v. Dept of HHS (Is the Medicaid expansion constitutional?)Affirm  Reverse06-28-2012Incorrect
National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius (Is the Mandate Severable?)Affirm  Reverse06-28-2012Incorrect
United States v. AlvarezAffirm  Affirm06-28-2012Correct
Arizona v. United StatesAffirm  Reverse06-25-2012Incorrect
Jackson v. HobbsReverse  Affirm06-25-2012Incorrect
Miller v. AlabamaAffirm  Affirm06-25-2012Correct
Dorsey v. United StatesAffirm  Affirm06-21-2012Correct
FCC v. FoxAffirm  Reverse06-21-2012Incorrect
Hill v. United StatesAffirm  Affirm06-21-2012Correct
Knox v. Service Employees Int'l UnionReverse  Reverse06-21-2012Correct
Southern Union Company v. United StatesAffirm  Reverse06-21-2012Incorrect
Christopher v. SmithKline Beecham Corp.Affirm  Affirm06-18-2012Correct
Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians v. PatchakAffirm  Affirm06-18-2012Correct
Salazar v. Ramah Navajo ChapterAffirm  Affirm06-18-2012Correct
Williams v. IllinoisAffirm  Affirm06-18-2012Correct
Elgin v. Dep’t of the TreasuryAffirm  Affirm06-11-2012Correct
Salazar v. PatchakAffirm  Affirm06-08-2012Correct
Armour v. IndianapolisAffirm  Affirm06-04-2012Correct
Reichle v. HowardsReverse  Reverse06-04-2012Correct
RadLAX Gateway Hotel, LLC v. Amalgamated BankAffirm  Affirm05-29-2012Correct
Blueford v. ArkansasAffirm  Affirm05-24-2012Correct
Freeman v. Quicken Loans Inc.Affirm  Affirm05-24-2012Correct
Astrue v. CapatoAffirm  Reverse05-21-2012Incorrect
Holder v. GutierrezAffirm  Reverse05-21-2012Incorrect
Holder v. SawyersAffirm  Reverse05-21-2012Incorrect
Taniguchi v. Kan Pacific Saipan, Ltd.Affirm  Reverse05-21-2012Incorrect
Hall v. USAffirm  Affirm05-14-2012Correct
U.S. v. Home Concrete & SupplyAffirm  Affirm04-25-2012Correct
Wood v. MilyardAffirm  Reverse04-24-2012Incorrect
Kappos v. HyattAffirm  Affirm04-18-2012Correct
Mohamad v. Palestinian Authority Affirm  Affirm04-18-2012Correct
Caraco Laboratories v. Novo NordiskAffirm  Reverse04-17-2012Incorrect
Filarsky v. DeliaAffirm  Reverse04-17-2012Incorrect
Florence v. Bd. of Chosen FreeholdersAffirm  Affirm04-02-2012Correct
Rehberg v. PaulkReverse  Affirm04-02-2012Incorrect
FAA v. CooperAffirm  Reverse03-28-2012Incorrect
Setser v. USAffirm  Affirm03-28-2012Correct
Vartelas v. HolderAffirm  Reverse03-28-2012Incorrect
Credit Suisse Securities v. SimmondsAffirm  Reverse03-26-2012Incorrect
Zivotofsky v. ClintonAffirm  Reverse03-26-2012Incorrect
Lafler v. CooperReverse  Reverse03-21-2012Correct
Missouri v. FryeAffirm  Reverse03-21-2012Incorrect
Sackett v. EPAAffirm  Reverse03-21-2012Incorrect
Coleman v. Maryland Ct. of AppealsAffirm  Affirm03-20-2012Correct
Martinez v. RyanAffirm  Reverse03-20-2012Incorrect
Mayo v. Prometheus LaboratoriesReverse  Reverse03-20-2012Correct
Roberts v. Sea-Land ServicesAffirm  Affirm03-20-2012Correct
Martel v. ClairAffirm  Reverse03-05-2012Incorrect
Kurns v. R.R. Friction Products Grp.Affirm  Affirm02-29-2012Correct
Douglas v. Cal. Pharmacists Ass'nAffirm  Affirm02-22-2012Correct
Douglas v. Indep. Living Ctr of S. Cal.Affirm  Affirm02-22-2012Correct
Douglas v. Santa Rosa Mem'l Hosp.Affirm  Affirm02-22-2012Correct
Messerschmidt v. MillenderReverse  Reverse02-22-2012Correct
PPL Montana v. MontanaReverse  Reverse02-22-2012Correct
Howes v. FieldsAffirm  Reverse02-21-2012Incorrect
Kawashima v. HolderAffirm  Affirm02-21-2012Correct
Nat'l Meat Ass'n v. HarrisAffirm  Reverse01-23-2012Incorrect
Reynolds v. United StatesAffirm  Reverse01-23-2012Incorrect
United States v. JonesAffirm  Affirm01-23-2012Correct
Perry v. Davis (Texas State Senate)Affirm  Reverse01-20-2012Incorrect
Perry v. Perez (Texas Congressional Delegation)Affirm  Reverse01-20-2012Incorrect
Perry v. Perez (Texas State House)Affirm  Reverse01-20-2012Incorrect
Golan v. HolderAffirm  Affirm01-18-2012Correct
Maples v. ThomasReverse  Reverse01-18-2012Correct
Mims v. Arrow Financial ServicesAffirm  Reverse01-18-2012Incorrect
Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOCAffirm  Reverse01-11-2012Incorrect
Pac. Operators Offshore v. ValladolidAffirm  Affirm01-11-2012Correct
Perry v. New HampshireAffirm  Affirm01-11-2012Correct
Compucredit v. GreenwoodAffirm  Reverse01-10-2012Incorrect
Gonzalez v. ThalerAffirm  Affirm01-10-2012Correct
Minneci v. PollardReverse  Reverse01-10-2012Correct
Smith v. CainReverse  Reverse01-10-2012Correct
Judulang v. HolderAffirm  Reverse12-11-2011Incorrect
Greene v. FisherAffirm  Affirm11-07-2011Correct
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