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FantasySCOTUS Member: lane0338

Joined:February 2, 2013
Predictions (All Time):7 / 239 ( 3%)
Points (Current Year):-
Ranking (2013):Unranked
Ranking (2012):Unranked
Law School:University of Minnesota Law School


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University of Minnesota Law School


Hollingsworth v. Perry - Does Prop 8 Violate the Equal Protection Clause?Affirm-
Hollingsworth v. Perry - Do Petitioners Have Standing?Affirm-
United States v. Windsor - Does DOMA violation the Equal Protection Component of the 5th Amendment or Federalism Principles?Affirm-
United States v. Windsor - Does Counsel for House of Representatives have Standing?Affirm-
Alleyne v. U.S.Affirm-
Bowman v. Monsanto Co.Affirm-
Federal Trade Commission v. ActavisAffirm-