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FantasySCOTUS Leagues

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LeagueMembersTotal Points
LeagueMembersTotal Points
Chapman University School of Law350Join
It\'s Not a Boat!00Join
Justice von Metal00Join
law student 00Join
Stanford Law School10Join
Suns up, guns up00Join
The University of Kentucky College of Law00Join
University of Hawai‘i at M?noa William S. Richardson School of L190Join
Belmont College of Law440Join
Western State University College of Law2040Join
University of Richmond School of Law5070Join
University of Kentucky College of Law4090Join
University of California Hastings College of the Law48100Join
Wake Forest University School of Law33100Join
William Mitchell College of Law68100Join
University of South Carolina School of Law50140Join
Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center31160Join
DePaul University College of Law43170Join
Syracuse University College of Law61180Join
Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law69200Join
University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of42270Join
Suffolk University Law School84290Join
Pace University School of Law31300Join
Howard University School of Law36320Join
Northwestern University School of Law41330Join
Thomas M. Cooley Law School51330Join
University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of63340Join
University of La Verne College of Law32340Join
Ave Maria School of Law45350Join
Florida A&M University College of Law46350Join
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law64350Join
Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law26370Join
University of Houston Law Center78370Join
University of Maryland School of Law62380Join
Indiana University School of Law Indianapolis70390Join
University of Arkansas: School of Law47390Join
University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law58390Join
William & Mary Law School58390Join
Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law43400Join
University of Mississippi School of Law50400Join
University of Miami School of Law63430Join
City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law37450Join
Rutgers University School of Law Newark31450Join
Inter American University School of Law48460Join
University of Toledo College of Law57470Join
Faulkner University Thomas Goode Jones School of Law22480Join
University of Memphis Cecil C Humphreys School of Law38480Join
Marquette University Law School63500Join
University of Oregon School of Law25500Join
Golden Gate University School of Law56530Join
Santa Clara University School of Law76560Join
Georgia State University College of Law71580Join
Oklahoma City University School of Law89580Join
Phoenix School of Law54600Join
University of Maine School of Law27600Join
Washburn University School of Law49600Join
Charleston School of Law56610Join
North Carolina Central University School of Law46610Join
University of South Dakota School of Law21620Join
University of Dayton School of Law28640Join
Boston College Law School59670Join
Penn State University Dickinson School of Law57670Join
University of Georgia School of Law64670Join
University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law28680Join
Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law51690Join
Louisana State University Paul M. Herbert Law Center54700Join
St Louis University School of Law47700Join
University of Iowa Collge of Law53700Join
Quinnipiac University School of Law70710Join
Western New England College School of Law38710Join
Wayne State University Law School39720Join
University of New Mexico School of Law25730Join
Loyola University Chicago School of Law74740Join
University of North Dakota School of Law21740Join
Florida Coastal School of Law101750Join
Liberty University School of Law32760Join
Thomas Jefferson School of Law64760Join
New York Law School57800Join
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Law62800Join
Washington and Lee University School of Law64810Join
The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law41820Join
Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law40830Join
Villanova University School of Law52830Join
Lewis & Clark Law School45860Join
Southern University Law Center77860Join
Willamette University College of Law18860Join
Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law52870Join
Northern Illinois University College of Law37880Join
Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center55880Join
University of Pittsburgh School of Law62890Join
University of Tulsa College of Law47910Join
University of Idaho College of Law24930Join
University of Kansas School of Law50930Join
University of Puerto Rico School of Law97930Join
University of Wyoming College of Law21930Join
Albany Law School of Union University49940Join
Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law49940Join
Rutgers State University of New Jersey School of Law Camden42940Join
University of Cincinnati College of Law38960Join
Ohio State University Moritz College of Law58970Join
St. Thomas University School of Law33970Join
University of Louisville Louis D Brandeis School of Law41980Join
University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law39980Join
Vermont Law School64980Join
Duke University School of Law39990Join
University of Pennsylvania Law School54990Join
University of Washington, School of Law51990Join
Drexel University Earle Mack School of Law421,000Join
Duquesne University School of Law411,000Join
Roger Williams University School of Law281,020Join
West Virginia University College of Law421,030Join
Florida International University College of Law521,080Join
Emory University School of Law511,130Join
Yale Law School291,140Join
Appalachian School of Law411,170Join
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Yeshiva University661,170Join
Baylor University School of Law441,190Join
Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law601,200Join
University of Oklahoma College of Law641,220Join
Capital University Law School401,280Join
University of Minnesota Law School771,300Join
University of Nevada Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law621,330Join
University of San Diego School of Law571,330Join
Harvard Law School751,340Join
University of Alabama School of Law491,380Join
Case Western Reserve University School of Law701,400Join
Whittier Law School481,400Join
Fordham University School of Law701,450Join
Loyola University New Orleans College of Law381,450Join
Indiana University Maurer School of Law Bloomington561,470Join
Valparaiso University School of Law551,510Join
Franklin Pierce Law Center521,530Join
Texas Tech University School of Law601,560Join
University of Michigan Law School861,570Join
George Mason University School of Law641,630Join
University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law251,650Join
University of Illinois College of Law681,650Join
University of Virginia School of Law1661,680Join
Washington University School of Law431,680Join
Atlanta's John Marshall Law School501,690Join
Hamline University School of Law411,690Join
University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law411,690Join
Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law661,790Join
George Washington University Law School1161,790Join
Brooklyn Law School971,820Join
University of Chicago Law School681,830Join
Stetson University College of Law881,880Join
Thomas Cooley Law School541,900Join
University of California Davis School of Law571,950Join
Hofstra University School of Law621,960Join
New England Law Boston861,960Join
University at Buffalo Law School State University of New York (S722,000Join
Southwestern Law School612,030Join
Northeastern University School of Law802,050Join
South Texas College of Law802,060Join
University of San Francisco School of Law582,060Join
Boston University School of Law752,080Join
New York University School of Law732,090Join
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law492,120Join
University of St Thomas School of Law Minneapolis362,150Join
John Marshall Law School892,190Join
University of Montana School of Law342,190Join
SMU Dedman School of Law592,200Join
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law812,250Join
University of Notre Dame Law School552,260Join
Drake University Law School552,310Join
St. Mary's University School of Law782,310Join
Florida State University College of Law982,340Join
Cornell Law School492,400Join
University of Missouri School of Law592,450Join
Tulane University Law School652,480Join
Stanford University Law School392,520Join
American University Washington College of Law1192,540Join
University of North Carolina School of Law632,610Join
University of Denver Sturm College of Law472,620Join
St. John's University School of Law592,700Join
California Western School of Law662,720Join
Widener University School of Law722,750Join
Seton Hall University School of Law532,760Join
Columbia University School of Law792,820Join
University of Southern California Gould School of Law392,860Join
Mississippi College School of Law532,870Join
Samford University Cumberland School of Law672,940Join
Chicago-Kent College of Law723,040Join
J. Reuben Clark BYBU Law School243,070Join
University of Baltimore School of Law703,140Join
Gonzaga School of Law483,270Join
University of California Berkeley School of Law653,270Join
Loyola Law School Loyola Marymount University843,400Join
Southern Illinois University School of Law503,520Join
University of Akron School of Law703,540Join
Vanderbilt University Law School653,690Join
Creighton University School of Law363,720Join
University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law643,730Join
Regent University School of Law623,770Join
University of Tennessee College of Law483,820Join
University of Connecticut School of Law584,120Join
Pepperdine University School of Law364,420Join
Seattle University School of Law335,000Join
University of Wisconsin Law School675,080Join
University of Texas School of Law865,660Join
Michigan State University College of Law1505,710Join
University of Colorado at Boulder Law School306,160Join
Georgetown University Law Center1477,700Join
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